Cape Manufacturing’s Newest Team Member, Caper the Cat

20170512_130735Meet the latest addition to the team at Cape Manufacturing, Caper the cat. Caper the photogenic feline pictured in the photo to the left posing in front of one of our Treaters. He first arrived at our shop after hitching a ride with an employee and has since made himself at home. Caper insists on saying hello to everyone in the morning, and is very well liked around the Cape Manufacturing shop. In the mornings, Caper can usually be found in the front office where he receives treats. But it is not all fun and games for Caper. As a skilled mouser he contributes to keeping the Cape shop in pristine condition. He also helps the rest of our team at Cape with their work and is known around our office for his excellent hugs. When he isn’t working or playing with his friend Jim, Caper can be found relaxing in an inbox (See image below).
All in all, we are so happy he ended up coming to live with us. We absolutely spoil him with food and treats, but we think he also catches mice at night, so we’ve given him the title of Chief Rodent Inspector & Control Officer. If you come out to the shop, make sure to ask to meet him!

Caper 3IMG_2232IMG_2261

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